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Nature Lodge

“Experience the evocative sounds…scent…and taste of Madagascar….at their very best!”

North of Madagascar, 30km from Diego Suarez and 7km from the Amber Mountain National Park

Our small and exclusive eco-loge at the doorstep of the Amber Mountain National Park and in a lush forest of mangoes and litchi trees guarantees an ultimate peace and tranquility.

The spacious and charming thatched chalets offer an endless panoramic view on either the lush green rain forest home of many lemurs or on one of the most beautiful bays in the world: Diego Suarez’s Bay.

The main area and the large wooden deck open on a magnificent garden, home of many chameleons and open on a breathtaking view of both the Mozambique Channel and the Indian Ocean.

The chalet

Rest to the sound of mother nature! The Lodge offers 12 identical and spacious 35m2 thatched chalets built in timber and local material. Each chalet is individually decorated with warm Malagasy colours and is equipped with an en-suite bathroom, a double and a single bed as well as a private wooden deck. Each unit accommodates up to 3 guests.

The bar

Where stories are either shared or made! Our cosy and fully licensed bar offers from the classics to our house specialties. Want to be adventurous? Forget about the Baileys and all the classics and go for the home specialties: rhum arrangé (flavoured rhum-even the Gecko likes it) or if you really want that Baileys, ask for our home made one!

The restaurant

The heart of the Lodge! Warm colours, rosewood furnishing, French doors, exquisite meals… The Lodge offers indoor and outdoor dining experience. The cuisine is rather simple, hearty and seasonal. You will be offered various delectable meals from fresh and seasonal products from either our own vegetable garden, our local market or just out of the sea.

The Team

The veins, the family and the energy of Nature Lodge! 15 local team members lead by Jean-Noel and Saholy from Tanà. All team members are professionally trained and can provide first-aid as well as practice eco-friendly habits for a sustainable environment. The team is totally at your disposal during your stay to make your experience a memorable one!

The Terrace & The Lodge

To be shared with the Gecko’s! Want to laze around? Read a book ? Play games ? Apart from its large wooden terrace where one can enjoy a meal or some refreshments, Nature Lodge has indoor and outdoor cosy lounges with books in different languages as well as games available during your stay.


Environmentally friendly

Nature Lodge has always promoted environmentally friendly practice by minimizing or suppressing the negative impact its activity may create on the environment. We are also proud to announce that we have recently gone GREEN!

The ecolodge


Hôtel / restaurant

12 bungalows

Raised garden

Bay view

Solar energy

Solar hot water

Vegetable garden

Waste management

Training in eco-actions

Perfectly located

Nosy Be to half day drive

Tsingy of Ankarana : 100 km

20 min from the park entrance

500m above sea level

Diego Suarez : 30 km


The restaurant



Simple and innovative cuisine in a unique and warm setting

Indoor or outdoor, we will host you Malagasy style.


2018 Rates


Double bungalows

90 € per bungalow

The bungalows are composed of a large double bed.

Additional bed

10 €

Ability to add 1 or 2 extra beds by bungalow.


Continental breakfast : 7 €

Natural juice – bread – butter – jam – honey – viennoiserie – yoghurt – fruit – tea or coffee.

PRICE: 7 €

American breakfast : 9 €

Same things as the continental + 02 eggs (preparation with the choice )-kitoza gasy (which replaces advantagely the bacon)-provencal tomatoes-cheese.

PRICE: 9 €

Lunch or dinner

15 € / person

A starter, main course and dessert.

Children’s menu

10 € / person

Under 12 years.


10 € / person

We prepare a nice picnic basket

Airport transfer

60 € per vehicle

From 1 to 4 people for: Airport => Hotel OR Hotel => Airport|Diégo

Car rental

Consult us

Variable depending on the destination and duration.


Spacious, being able to welcome 1 or 2 additional beds, the rooms of our bungalow are ideal for couples or families of 3 to 4 people. Toilets are clearly separated so that the comfort of each is preserved.


A cosy atmosphere under the mosquito net, the peace of the night in the mountain. Note that bungalows are spaced out enough from each other to offer a complete intimacy.

Private terrace

All our bungalows have a private terrace with views on the Bay of Diego or the Amber Mountain forest. Two small Zafimaniry wooden seats with ideal slope are there for a short break.

Relaxing area

The latest issues of National Geographic and books of photos on Madagascar are at your disposal. Some games also and small novels.

Remain connected

Nature Lodge allows you of remained connected. The Wi-Fi access is via the 3G mobile network and allows to consult and to send e-mails, but insufficient to surf on the Internet. The Wi-Fi is available within the restaurant.


Three guards and their dogs watch over our sleep. They are employed by the company MGS (Madagascar Guarding Services) and make rounds on the property from 6 pm till 6 am.

The reception of the lodge is equipped with a terminal VISA CARD for your payments on the spot.


Amber Mountain National Park



An amazing fauna and lush vegetation for some fascinating discoveries


Discover the region


The Northern region is one of the richest and of the most beautiful of Madagascar.

Diverse, colourful, lively, an open invitation to discoveries.
Varied, alive and colored, an invitation to the discovery.
Turquoise seas, pristine beaches, lush forests, mighty mountains, beautiful archipelagos, heaven like bays, unusual Tsingy and warm smiles.


Hidden at the end of this big bay, Diego Suarez is a special city. There is a particular atmosphere, due to various population who live there. You have to discover it in its mildness of the morning or at the end of afternoon. Its Arabian-like side, its colonial architecture, its dancing music, its colourful “lamba” deserve that one spends couple of hours enjoying its nonchalant atmosphere.

The 3 bay

Either the « Baie des Dunes », the « Baie des Pigeons » or the « Baie des Sakalava », the hiking along the 3 bays is an invite to discover the seashore sceneries, wonderful and diversified. It is just a succession of white sand beaches opening onto the crystalline waters of the Indian Ocean. A heaven for swimming and relaxing that you can explore on foot or by car.

The Emerald Sea

Did you already sail on a mirror or dive into an aquarium? The Emerald Sea is just amazing. After a boat ride, like a jewel, the site is nicely revealing itself . We feel like at the end of the world in this wide lagoon of corals, where turquoise waters shelter numerous bunches of corals which attract an extraordinary submarine fauna. It is the perfect place to snorkel and sunbathes.

The Red Tsingy

The Red Tsingy are located in the south of Diego, not an ordinary site! The geological history of this formation is the same as for the Tsingy of Ankarana, with only a few thousand years of difference. Those of Ankarana are limestones, and the Red Tsingy consist of marl and sandstones.


The main attraction of Ankarana is its Tsingys: those sharp rocks eroded by water, wind and time, its deep canyons and ground waters. 10 species of lemurs live there, as well as crocodiles, 92 species of birds of which 54 are endemic to Madagascar, such as the Messire Varié, one of the rarest bird in the world!

Nosy Be

The sand there is white, the water is turquoise, the coconut trees are numerous and the atmosphere is nonchalant. But it is not only Nosy Be… Its surrounding islands ( Komba, Tanikely, Sakatia ) or the more distant ones ( the Mitsio, the Radama, Iranja ), all of them also offer wonderful beauties to discover from above the water…

Environmentally friendly


Water management

We collect water in a deep small valley located next to the lodge. This water is precious and scarce especially at the end of the dry season.

That’s why the team is getting aware of each liter of consumed water. It is also able to identify water leaks that will be fixed by our technical team as quickly as possible. We collect rainwater in order to clean huge equipments such as cars. The minimum of water is used to water our park. Our kitchen garden is irrigated during the coolest hours of the day.

The buildings and the park

The field on which has been built the lodge is a former pastureland. We have imagined houses on stilts to not modify the natural topography and avoid erosion issues.

All our buildings are made with local materials and are complying with a “discreet” architecture that gets along with the Montagne d’Ambre’s landscapes. We have reforested and arranged the park with as most as possible of local species. What a pleasure to see our trees growing year after year! During its building phase, the Nature Lodge has been identified to be a pilot site in the implementation of Environmental Impacts Studies. These studies are now deployed in the whole country by the National Environmental Office.

Solar energy

In 2016 the Nature Lodge invested in solar energy: 30 PV panels, 24 professional batteries and 5 water heaters.

The lighting system, the cooking electrical equipments such as fridges and freezers are all operated with solar energy.
100% of our light bulbs have been replaced by LED and we do our best to not use our emergency generator. As we are located in a remote area where the energy accessibility and above all the energy storage are hard, we are used to be conscious of any possible savings. We know how to limit our equipments to the strict minimum without diminishing the comfort and security. Furthermore we reduce our cooking gas consumption by using alternative ways of cooking as an improved fatapera – the local cooking system – that uses sawdust. Our team is getting aware of the deforestation issue and the unfortunately well-known charcoal processing.

The composting process

To reduce our carbon emissions due to transportation and to offer fresh products to our clients and in the team’s meals, we grow our own kitchen garden just beside our kitchen.

Aromatic herbs, zucchini, salads, tomatoes, green beans, sweet potatoes… all these vegetables are cooked by our Chef in his daily meals and menus. We have launched a composting process of our biodegradable wastes. It is a hard way but we keep going and hope to succeed in gardening in an ecological manner. We would like to be an example for the Joffreville’s inhabitants to whom the illegal but profitable khat production – the local drug – has replaced the food-producing agriculture. This sad process came along with social troubles.

The struggle against soil pollution

To preserve the wellness of the field on which is built the lodge, each sump of waste water and each septic tank are equipped with…

…filtering materials and plants, such as vetiver. We are looking for reducing our use of chemical products. For instance we use “beehive” styled bath towels that let us save water and washing powder during the cleaning work. We are always looking for implementing ecological practices in our kitchen garden.

We sort our dangerous waste: for instance we suggest our clients to bring back the Lodge’s used batteries to put them in the appropriate retreatment place. We raise awareness among our team to protect the soil each time they do “durty” works such as car oil changes and painting works.

The staff enhancement

All our staff is Malagasy and most of them come from the Joffreville village. This team is loyal for years. We focus on their well-being through a higher salary, promotion opportunities or other benefits such as bonus.

We have created a mutual fund to be able to help a co-worker in need but also to celebrate happier events as weddings or births.
Regular trainings are organized to enable career advancement: first aid, languages, agriculture, cooking our eco-gests. Above that we are equally concerned by the drivers and tourist guides housing conditions. We always make sure that they are welcome in the Nature Lodge as home.

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